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Excellence of Trust Since 2012

With more than a decade of combined experience in healthcare and business excellence, MAXZAIN doesn't just offer solutions, we deliver results. We empower healthcare organizations to thrive in a changing world, improving outcomes, boosting efficiency, and driving sustainable growth.

Excellence of Trust Since 2012

We are Your Trustable Partner to Start/ Buy/ Sell Your Dream Business in Medical/ Healthcare field.

Our fundamental base on excellence of trust;. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day. We follow the Islamic Sharia Principles in all steps of our deals and throughout our business until today.

Our service will be like your own trustable partner,

Our Motto: Honesty Here, Success Here & Hereafter

We Provide our Services for All Medical/Healthcare Businesses


Medical Clinic,

Dental Clinic,

Specialty Clinic

Homeopathic Clinic

Ayurvedic Clinic

Medical Center,


Lab & Diagnostic Center

Home healthcare Business

Drug Store

Medicines Trading

Medical Equipment's Trading Business,

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Natural/Herbal/Ayurvedic Products Trading

Herbal/Natural/Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing

Our Services

1. Acquisition (Buying), Merger & Disposal (Selling) of Healthcare Businesses

2. Healthcare Investment /Partnership

3. New healthcare business setup – turnkey projects

4. Healthcare HR recruitments (Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & other technical staffs)

5. Interior Decorations

6. Equipment Installations

7. Healthcare business Licensing

8. Arranging local & intl distributors

9. Ministry & Authority Approvals

10. Healthcare products planning

11. Registration of Medical products

12. Logistics Support (import & export)

13. Mainland company formation

14. Free Zone company formation

15. Local & Intl Sponsor arrangement

16. Business facilities location finding

17. Feasibility studies

18. Planning & Organization

19. Project management

20. Efficiency management & control

21. Pricing & Revenue Management

22. Strategy advisory services

23. Public relations services

24. Sales Excellence

25. Marketing Strategy

26. Sustainability

27. Dispute settlements- investors/partners

28. B2B Dispute settlements

29. Marketing materials design

30. Website design

31. Mobile Application

32. Annual maintenance contract

New business setup always take time to complete all the setup procedures including the facility setup, Licensing, Human Resource, Finding potential customers etc. Companies may be dispose thier assets because of many reasons like moving back to native, partnership issues, missing of strategical planning etc. We help investors to Acquire the running business with tactical negotiations.


There are many reasons to dispose a business, we can find potential Investors for your hard earned assets through our worldwide contacts with Investors. We always keep the details and company name confidential until the buyers make the advance payment. So you can peacefully dispose your healthcare busniess assets through our expert teams.

Disposal (Selling)

Fresh new business always gives the satisfaction of implementation of own idea to a reality. We are specialized in turnkey healthcare projects; we completed many projects including Pharmacies, clinics & Hospitals across UAE from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaima.

New Business (Turnkey Projects)

We are recruiting Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists & all other healthcare technical staffs for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Pharma companies, Medicines & medical trading companies & allied healthcare establishments from UAE & Overseas.

Human Resource Recruitment

Providing comprehensive healthcare facility interior decoration & turnkey solutions to Medical businesses including Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies etc. across GCC.

You can find our High standard interior decoration projects across UAE

Interior Decoration

We offer high quality medical equipments installation for affordable prices for Hospitals & Clinics.

Equipment Installation

Providing comprehensive healthcare licensing assistance for all type of healthcare business establishments across all UAE Emirates in mainland and Free Zones.

Healthcare Licensing

We can help you to find international distributors for your Healthcare, Medical, Natural products across the globe.

Local & International Distributors arrangement

Providing Ministry of health & other Authorities approval for company licensing and professional licensing

Ministry & Authorities Approvals

We offer strategic consulting, business development, and operational support for Pharmaceutical products, Medical equipments & Natural products.

Healthcare Products Planning

We are Providing Ministry of health registration & logistic support for pharmaceutical products, Healthcare equipments & Ayurvedic products

Registration of Healthcare Products

We offer logistic support for import and export of Healthcare related items and products in UAE

Logistic Support Import & Export

Local partner/sponsor araangement for healthcare and related business in UAE and other countries

Local & Intl Sponsor Arrangement

We help you to find suitable location or facility for your healthcare businesses. Wheter it is retail space, clinic, drug store etc.

Business Location Finding

Your business strategy and profitability planning will be supported by our experienced team. It includes what will be the budget, and competetive risks, planning for products and services, what will be the expenses, where to advertise, what will be the monthly income and most importantly the investment is worth for my time and money.

Feasibility Studies

Organizational planning for the process of defining a company's reason for existing, setting goals aimed at realizing full potential, and creating increasingly discrete tasks to meet those goals.

Planning & Organization

Our support in project management helpful to coordinating and managing the initiatives to ensure the best possible results. A methodology help the healthcare projects always because healthcare work and progress can have many and constantly changing variables.

Project Management

Our Efficiency management are helpful you for essential to achieving the efficiency and effectiveness within an organization.

Efficiency Management & Control

Pricing and revenue management will help you to gears up profits in supply and demand. its an application of pricing to increase the profit produced from a limited supply of supply chain assets.

Pricing & Revenue Management

We are not just provide recommendations, we will work with you to create customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals, we help you to trnslate strategic plans into actionable steps and often provide implementation support.

Strategy advisory Services

Sales excellence is consistent outperformance of key growth objectives, achieved by strategic, cross functional initiatives. This inputs helps your revenue engine by sales coaching, training, tools, enablement and culture

Sales Excellence

Public relations in healthcare business is very important than other sectors of business. it will help to craft a positive image through social media campaigns, consumer education, sponsorships etc.

Public Relations Services


Maxzain's expertise has been really convinced by our group and myself from their high standard Interior Decoration work for our group pharmacies.

The team at Maxzain is sincere, honest, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated.

Highly recommend Maxzain for their exceptional healthcare consultancy buying & selling services.

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